Our Saviour Lutheran Library

“Grow in grace and in the true knowledge of Our Lord and Our Savior Jesus, the

Anointed, to whom be glory, now and until the coming of the new age. Amen.” 

  • 2 Peter 3:18 (The Voice)




Welcome to the Growth Opportunities of our Library System!

Activities involve the overseeing and maintenance of Library functions and materials. With numerous donations, our current inventory is over 3,100 items. This includes books, CDs, cassette tapes, DVDs, VHS tapes, games, and charts, plus the periodicals Christian Century, Living Lutheran, Gather, and Sports Spectrum. The Youth Library harbors materials for ages 0 through high school. Check it out downstairs by going left (south) at the bottom of the stairs to the second room on the left.

The Adult Library features twenty categories of materials and is located in the Administration Wing just past the Fellowship Hall.

Thanks for your continued support!


This month’s new items are graciously donated by Sharon + Bob Krampien, Renna Keller, The Parish Education

Committee, and Creative Communications for the Parish (CCP).


Lent/Easter Materials:

5-DEVOTIONAL: Children - 40 Days & Nights by Ruth Geisler

Journey ‘Round Jerusalem by David Mead

Teens/Young Adults - SeeSon of Lent, The by David Mead

Adults - At the Crossroads by David Kehret

Free Indeed (Large Print Edition) by Javier Alanais, et al

40-Day Journey with Martin Luther by Gracia Grindal

Book of Faith –40 Days with the Lord’s Prayer by Henry French

2-POETRY/DRAMA: Easter Puppet Sermon by Pastor Larry Lindstrom



1-FICTION: Uncommon Heroes #3 - True Honor by Dee Henderson

3-INSPIRATION: Life’s Too Short to Fold Your Underwear by Patricia Lorenz


Thanks for your continued support!




Visit us often and contact our staff members Renna Keller, or Chuck Keller for further information and/or assistance.


To View A Catalog of What's Available, Click Here: OSLC Catalog (MS Excel) 




































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