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“Grow in grace and in the true knowledge of Our Lord and Our Savior Jesus, the

Anointed, to whom be glory, now and until the coming of the new age. Amen.” 

  • 2 Peter 3:18 (The Voice)




Welcome to the Growth Opportunities of our Library System!

Activities involve the overseeing and maintenance of Library functions and materials. With numerous donations, our current inventory is over 3,100 items. This includes books, CDs, cassette tapes, DVDs, VHS tapes, games, and charts, plus the periodicals Christian Century, Living Lutheran, Gather, and Sports Spectrum. The Youth Library harbors materials for ages 0 through high school. Check it out downstairs by going left (south) at the bottom of the stairs to the second room on the left.

The Adult Library features twenty categories of materials and is located in the Administration Wing just past the Fellowship Hall.

Thanks for your continued support!


LIBRARY LURES: The Reformation 500 Celebration is well under way! The Library Staff and the

Parish Education Committee have been quite pleased with the activity generated through the

Material Display on the blue bookcase in the Narthex. Additional items listed below are now

available. The have been graciously provided by Marie and Adam Houghton and 1570 Media.



Luther/Reformation Materials:


3- Inspiration: The Wit of Martin Luther by Eric Gritsch


4-Biography: Resilient Reformer – The Life and Thought of Martin Luther by Timothy Lull +

Derek Nelson


5-Devotional: Day by Day – Daily Reading for the Entire Year by Martin Luther


7-Church (Denominations): Declaration on the Way – Church, Ministry, and Eucharist from

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


7-Church (Denominations): Together by Grace – Introducing the Lutherans by Kathryn



10-Bible, Commentary: Annotated Luther, The – Each volume in the series contains new

introductions, annotations, illustrations, and notes to help shed light on Luther’s context and

interpret his writings for today.


Volume 1 – The Roots of Reform, edited by Timothy Wengert

Volume 2 – Word and Faith, edited by Kirsi Stjerna

Volume 3 -_Church and Sacraments, edited by Paul Robinson

Volume 4 – Pastoral Writings, edited by Mary Haemig

Volume 5 – Christian Life in the World, edited by Hans Hillerbrand


10-Bible, Commentary: Bible, Commentary: 40-Day Journey with Martin Luther – Grace

Grindad, Ed.


10-Bible, Commentary: Annotated Lutheran Study Editions: The Freedom of a Christian 1520

and Treatise on Good Works 1520 by Timothy Wengert


10-Bible, Commentary: Martin Luther’s 95 Theses with Commentary and Study Guide by

Timothy Wengert


10-Bible, Commentary: Luther’s Small Catechism – 500 Years of Reformation (Study Guide)

from Augsburg Fortress


10-Bible, Commentary: One Hope – Re-Membering the Body of Christ by Julie Aageson, et al


17-Reference: Atlas of the European Reformations by Tim Dowley


Don’t hesitate to consult our Staff members Renna Keller, Adam Houghton, and/or Chuck Keller.


Thanks for your continued support!




Visit us often and contact our staff members Renna Keller, Adam Houghton or Chuck Keller for further information and/or assistance.


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