The time between our two church services is for education and for fellowship.  Besides the regular student classes we also have a class for those beyond high school age.  This class is “Christian Connection” and is for all adults yearning to study and learn more about God and our faith.    We are a class searching to strengthen our relationship with God and to discerning God’s will.  Our classes are usually led by Pastor Henricks through “Dwelling in the Word” and is a study of a Bible lesson where we listen, study, and discuss what we see and hear from the reading.  By doing this with partners and as a group we discover many layers of meaning from the few words that we read at the beginning of the class.  This has become a time of engagement and enlightenment.  We currently meet in the nursery on Sunday mornings.  So stop by the coffee table and then bring your beverage and snacks with you to the nursery where we will have a chair saved for you.