April 7, 2018 Blood Drive

The American Red Cross has requested that OSLC Mission Committee host an additional blood drive. With blood supplies remaining critically low, the OSLC Mission Committee has agreed to sponsor an additional blood drive on Saturday, April 7, 2018 from 8 am until noon. Please consider participating in this drive and assist with giving the gift of life. 
If you donated blood at the drive hosted at OSLC on February 7th, you will again be eligible to donate. If you donated red cells, you will not be eligible to donate yet.
Our church has developed a great reputation for having excellent hospitality and great tasting, homemade snacks, including the egg salad sandwiches.
If you are not able to donate, please consider volunteering your time or donating a snack. Information and sign ups will be located in the church narthex. You can also sign up by calling 1-800- RED-CROSS or (309) 662-0500 ext 0. You can also sign up online at:
This will take you to a page to either sign into your account or create an account to confirm your information and donation time.
Thank you for supporting the OSLC Mission Committee





















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